Trustees’ Funding Opportunities Update & Harbour News


30 June 2015  Ullapool Harbour Trust allocates up to 2% of gross profit to stakeholder initiatives annually. (Historically funding applications were infrequent; more often than not requests were granted, some in full, some part-funded).  More recently the number of funding and assistance requests has increased to a level that requires a more structured application and award process. From now on, the fund will be allocated on a quarterly basis with applicants submitting a written application for consideration by the Trustees. The application should contain the following information; a brief project outline, total cost, funding avenues explored and timeline. Applications will be assessed collectively at the end of each quarter and funds will be allocated accordingly.  A summary of the quarter’s awards will be published in the Ullapool News.

The ethos of the award scheme is to fund local organisations and youth projects with an emphasis on community enhancement.

Quarter Application Deadline
Jul – Sep 30 September
Oct – Dec 31 December
Jan – Mar 31 March

 April – June 2015 Successful Applicants


Applicant Project/Activity Amount
Ullapool High School (Leona Marr) Gap year charity work £150
Ullapool Primary School (Sot Otter) Refurbishment dedicated library space £300
An Talla Solais (Joanne Wright) Portable 2015 Exhibition (Spain, London, Scotland) £280


Best Wishes to Topher Dawson on his retirement from Ullapool High School after fourteen years teaching our children – many of whom have benefitted from the vast array of amazing additional activities he offered. The Young Engineers Club, electric car Insane Bolt, school skiff Cul Mor and many more great projects are all a reflection of the dedication and selflessness of our very own hairless Emmett Brown. I had the pleasure of two trips to the mighty Goodwood racing circuit with the UHS electric car team.  One of the many highlights was a 4th place finish in the 2013 UK Championships; what an amazing effort! The next challenge is to work out a suitable Harbour Due for the soon to be launched homemade hovercraft (modified DeLorean) to transport himself and Jan to their beloved Scoraig. We wish you a long and happy retirement Topher – you’ll be sorely missed.

Tall Ship Tecla sailed from Ullapool Harbour today en route to Belfast for the launch of the 2015 Tall Ships Festival in Belfast.  The crew had a fantastic five-day sail to St Kilda and have decided to return to us in 2016 with plans for a choice of sailing adventures around the islands.  We’re delighted to have formed a close friendship with this beautiful Tall Ship and look forward to welcoming her back next summer.  This weekend, it’s Wylde Swan reunion time with the cruise vessel Artania making a return visit on 7th July.