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Project Diary


24 June 2022

Public information display notices are now on display upstairs in Ullapool Ferry Terminal and in the harbour buildings. They are intended to help our local community and members of the public visualise the outcome of the planned widening of Shore Street, creation of a new sea wall and promenade and installation of pontoons. Click on the images below to view enlarged versions.

Shore Street Slide 1
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16 July 2021 Planning Submission

Marine licence paperwork has been submitted to Marine Scotland and the consultants are pulling together the final elements of the planning application for submission in the coming days. Following the three public consultation events the architects have worked through several hundred comments and pulled together a very basic uncluttered design for the promenade. The design consists of a palette of natural products including recycled timber and the use of an absolute minimum of concrete.  A detailed design will be worked on over the coming months.  

You can also view the design statement which is a distillation of all feedback received following the public consultations. 

Ullapool Promenade Planning Submission

Design Statement

20 May 2021

On 20 May 2021 a virtual update was held to share the development of designs for the Shore Street and Inner Harbour Developments. Various design theme options were presented and feedback sought prior to proceeding to the next phase.   Presentations were made by  Affric Consultants, TGP Landscape Architects with input from SBA Architects Ltd and Wallace Stone Consulting Engineers. 

Please review the slides and submit feedback either via the survey ( or email

Survey –

Design Options Slideshow

Design Options Slideshow Video

2 April 2021

Comments following receipt of feedback and next steps outlined here – Press Release 2 April 2021

4 and 15 March 2021

On 4 and 15 March 2021 a virtual pre-application consultation meeting regarding Shore street and Inner Harbour Developments took place. The purpose of the meetings were to showcase the project and to explain the community feedback and Marine Licensing processes. Presentations were made by Ullapool Harbour Trust, Affric Consultants, a local Promenade Group representative and Wallace Stone Consulting Engineers. 

To view a recording of the meeting, please click here or for a briefer overview, please see the slideshow.

The feedback process has now closed.

View recording of meeting

View the meeting slideshow