Harbour News 27th March–28th April 2024

107 arrivals for the period

Whitefish totalled 23,600 boxes from eighteen Scottish trawl and six Anglo Spanish longline landings. The Scottish fleet continues to work at Rockall landing predominantly haddocks with a bycatch of cod and monkfish. The post spawning haddocks are now in poor condition and the fleet will leave the grounds in the coming week or two to allow the fish to recover. In previous years, the boats return in late June/July to resume fishing for haddock and perhaps a bycatch of squid. The Anglo fleet continues to target hake and ling in more northern waters with a few vessels landing into Ullapool on their way home to Spain for their refits and holidays.

Shellfish continues to be busy with a large fleet of prawners working the Minches. Thirty-nine trawlers landed and combined with the efforts of the local creel fleet and three landings from visiting scallop dredgers.

Non-fishing activity was once again dominated by aquaculture vessels with thirty-two arrivals from the sector. In addition the Briggs offshore supply vessel Kingdom of Fife called in for a crew change, bulk carrier Cosmos took shelter, Coastguard tug Ievoli Black made her monthly fuel and crew change visit, Woodstock continued to salvage the wreck of trawler Sustain and cruise ships Viking Saturn, Viking Venus and Hebridean Princess made scheduled visits in mixed weather. Viking Saturn is the ninth and most recent ocean going cruise ship built for the Viking line, pictured here on her maiden call last Saturday afternoon.

Lugger Fest 2024 is fast approaching with many an old boat being polished and fettled for what promises to be a fun packed inaugural weekend. The oldest participant Barnabas, built in 1881, arrived from Newlyn in Cornwall on Friday past after a week of motor sailing in mainly northerly winds. Look out for posters and check out the website www.luggerfest.wordpress.com