Harbour News 11 July–8 August 2023

67 arrivals for the period

Whitefish totalled 11,100 boxes from nine Scottish trawl and seven Anglo longline landings. The Scottish effort is all but over at Rockall and only a couple of boats remain fishing for haddocks on the bank. The Anglo fleet continues to fish north and west of the Butt of Lewis for hake and ling.  A number of vessels have now returned home for their annual refits.

The Shellfish sector has been much busier with a total of twenty-two prawn trawl and two scallop dredge landings combined with the efforts of the resident fleet.

Non-fishing activity was as ever dominated by aquaculture vessels with a total of twenty-three arrivals for fuel, crew and stores. In addition, two cruise ships made scheduled visits, the MCA tug Ievoli Grey lay in for 24 hours and the Norwegian tall ship Boy Leslie called in on her way north to Shetland.

Tall Ship Trainees Since 2011, Ullapool Harbour has with the assistance of the local community through sales of the Harbour Calendar, sponsored local youngsters to participate in tall ship voyages.  To date, more than 250 local school pupils have enjoyed this incredible experience.  This year, seven trainees accompanied by a chaperone flew to Fredikstad in Norway to join the magnificent square-rigger Sorlandet for a ten-day sail to Lerwick.  Built in 1927 Sorlandet (pictured) is one of the very few full-rigged ships in the world.  The trainees experienced the thrill of sailing in a flotilla of thirty-seven magnificent vessels – all heading to Shetland for the three-day tall ship festival hosted by Lerwick Port Authority.  In all, over one hundred Scottish trainees were placed this year. 

Shore Street Project Update

Largely the road widening and promenade project is complete.  Just a few minor snags on Shore Street require attention together with the installation of some additional lighting. Transport Scotland was approached at an earlier stage in the project with regard to an opening ceremony but as we have had three transport ministers in as many months, nothing has materialised. 

The inner harbour has yet to be completed.  Further works to the pontoons require completion together with the installation of electricity and fresh water.   The pontoons have been partially opened and permission given to a handful of vessels to try out the facilities. The harbour has received over eighty notes of interest for around twenty berths. Please do not take matters into your own hands and start using the facilities until you have been notified by the harbour office, those that decide to help themselves will be removed from the list.   The new-tarred area christened by the engineers as Shore Quay is a work in progress.  Additional benches, information panels and a Geopod will be installed over the coming months. Feedback has all been positive and the contractor RJ Mcleod must be congratulated on delivering a first class job in difficult and challenging circumstances.