Harbour News February 2021

32 Arrivals for the Period

Ullapool Harbour Trust continues to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic; supporting vital transport links to the Western Isles and handling routine fishing and commercial traffic. Harbour services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the harbour can be contacted by phone, email and VHF. Strict social distancing and hygiene measures are in place with restricted access to the harbour building which remains locked at all times.

Whitefish totalled 9,200 boxes from nine Scottish trawl, two Anglo-Spanish longline and a single freezer netter landing. Hampered by the weather, the Scottish fleet has been unable to head for Rockall and instead has been concentrating on a mixed fishery west of the Butt of Lewis; boats are landing weekly. The Anglo fleet continues to be hampered by post-Brexit export regulations; a number of vessels have been landing in Killybegs rather than face the current uncertainty of the UK situation.

The shellfish sector is showing welcome signs of recovery.  Together with local fleet efforts, there have been thirteen prawn trawl landings in the period and a steady supply of consigned crabs have made their way to China.

Non-fishing traffic consisted of five arrivals in total.  Fish-farm treatment vessels Inter Caledonia and Ronjafisk both called in twice for crew changes and fuel and the emergency towing vessel Ievoli Black dropped by for engine spares.