Harbour News 8–28 October 2019

13 arrivals for the period

Whitefish totalled 3,100 boxes from three Anglo-Spanish longline and two Scottish trawl landings. The majority of the Anglo fleet continues to fish either further north landing into Lerwick or further south landing into Killybegs, with only the occasional landing in Ullapool. The INS-registered twin rig trawler Adventurer continues to fish the shelf edge and, weather permitting, further west to Rockall with very good landings of monkfish and haddock. 

The shellfish sector has been extremely quiet.  Local prawn trawlers have been away to undertake re-fits; some have been fishing to the east.  The creel men have been hampered by some severe weather.

Non-fishing activity has been steady.  The MCA emergency towing vessel Ievoli Black called in for fuel and a crew change, the MCA-chartered survey vessel Kaiku has been day-running to the Summer Isles and aquaculture workboats Voe Services and Viking Junior and Inter Caledonia have called in for fuel, crew and engineering repairs.

The 2020 Ullapool Harbour calendar has arrived and is available to purchase from local shops, the harbour office and online at www.ullapool-harbour.co.uk.   It’s still priced at £6.50 and as always, all profits go to youth sail training sponsorship.