Harbour News 28 September – 2 November

39 arrivals for the period

Whitefish totalled 7,800 boxes from eight Scottish trawlers and three Anglo-Spanish long-liners. With winter weather upon us, the Scottish lads are mainly fishing along the shelf edge for monkfish and haddocks. The new Orkney trawler Westra Fjord, built in Denmark for the Harcus family of Westry, Orkney, made her first landing in Ullapool in October. Launched in July, the vessel has been working east and north in recent months but has turned her attention to the west coast as quotas become depleted. It’s great to see new investment continuing in the Scottish whitefish sector. The Anglo fleet continues to target hake and ling; vessels are landing here as they head home for a welcome break.

Shellfish activity was once again very quiet comprising six visiting prawn trawl landings and the efforts of the local fleet.

Non-fishing traffic was busy; yet again fish farm support vessels made up most of the action and accounted for all but one of the twenty- one arrivals. The treatment tanks ships Inter Caledonia, Aqua Skye, Bakkanes and Ronjafisk made multiple visits for crew, fuel and stores. The work boats BK Marjorie, Laura M, Ossian and Sally Ann spent the month day-running to local fish farms and the MCA ETV Ievoli Black called in for her routine monthly crew change.

Shore Street Project Update

Delighted to report that the Shore Street and Inner Harbour project received planning permission on 19 October having achieved the unanimous support of the Highland Council Planning Committee. The proposal was considered to be an extremely positive and necessary development for Ullapool.  The harbour awaits news of the marine license application. Civil works were tendered this week with a return deadline of 3 Dec 2021. Resourcing the project continues to be the over-riding priority; a range of funding streams are being targeted in a bid to reduce the burden on harbour finances.