Harbour News 25 October–13 November 2017

14 arrivals for the period  

Whitefish totalled 700 boxes from a single Scottish twin rig trawler – the Inverness- registered Adventurer which continues to work at Rockall (pictured) despite occasional appalling weather.

Shellfish landings consisted of the regular weekly offshore crabber Our Hazel and several visits from the recently purchased and Kinlochbervie-owned prawn trawler Olivia UL100, together with the local fleet.

Non-fishing was once again the busiest sector with fish farm support vessels day running carrying equipment and nets.  The inshore cargo vessel Isis called in with 900 tonnes of road salt for Highland Council.

Harbour Projects

The Wee Jetty upgrade is out to tender.  Three firms have been offered the opportunity to complete the works.  Closing date for tender returns is 1st December 2017. The project will be funded by Ullapool Harbour Trust and (it is hoped) some financial assistance from HIE and EMFF. The transfer of ownership from Highland Council is ongoing – a process which has delivered very slow progress to date.

The Changing Place project will also be funded by Ullapool Harbour Trust.  It is also hoped that some financial assistance will be secured from Transport Scotland and Calmac. The Transport Scotland Accessibility fund application has been assessed by the awards panel who have sought clarification on a few points (it’s hoped that this is a positive sign). Again, progressing the transfer of ownership/tenancy of the asset (the basement of the public toilets) from Highland Council has been slow but things are improving with Councillor Ian Cockburn’s assistance.

The provision of a dedicated Men’s Shed is linked to the Changing Place project in that it’s envisaged that both would occupy the same building. When the lease/tenancy has been agreed with Highland Council the asset will be divided between the two projects.

Trustee Appointment interviews have been completed.  We extend our congratulations to Stephen Couper who returns to the board after several years’ absence and welcome Tim Loftus who becomes a UHT trustee for the first time. The new board will convene for the first time on Wednesday 6th December 2017. The details of the current board are available on the harbour website.