Harbour News 24 June–7 July 2020

17 arrivals for the period

Ullapool Harbour Trust continues to operate during the Covid-19 pandemic; we are supporting vital transport links to the Western Isles together with handling routine fishing and commercial traffic. Harbour services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we can be contacted by phone, email and VHF.  We are observing strict social distancing and hygiene measures.   

The ferry has returned to full service as of 1 July offering two daily passenger runs and an overnight freight run. Passenger numbers are limited to 133 per sailing and advance booking is mandatory for all travellers.

Whitefish landing totalled 8,000 boxes from six Scottish trawl and eight Anglo long-line landings. The Rockall fishery continues to yield decent hauls of quality haddocks combined with a by-catch of monkfish, cod and saithe. The Anglo fleet has enjoyed two months of very good fishing west of Lewis;  boats are landing full loads of hake and ling weekly.

The shellfish sector was limited to occasional landings from the local prawn fleet.

Non-fishing was restricted to the fishfarm tank ship Inter Caledonia who called in for their monthly crew change.  The survey vessel Edda Sun (pictured) visited for 300,000 litres of fuel. Edda Sun is currently carrying out an ROV survey along the west coast on behalf of a power cable company.