Harbour News 23 May–19 June 2023

82 arrivals for the period

Whitefish totalled 18,600 boxes from fourteen Scottish trawl and eighteen Anglo longline landings. The Scottish effort is down to six vessels fishing Rockall and landing mixed catches of haddock, cod and monkfish every 8-10 days. Having fully recovered from spring spawning, the haddock are congregating in shallower water (< 200m) fattening up on a diet primarily consisting of sand eels. Hopefully in the next couple of months the seasonal squid fishery will attract a few more trawlers to try their luck fishing west at Rockall. The Anglo fleet has been working on the shelf edge fishing along the 400m contour for hake and ling and are experiencing very good returns for their efforts.

Shellfish picked up a little in the past couple of weeks.  There were nine prawn trawl landings in addition to the resident fleet’s efforts.

The non-fishing sector was very busy.  All manner of vessel types called in for fuel, stores, crew changes and layovers. Fish farming accounted for nineteen arrivals with tankships and workboats making multiple visits to the harbour.  In other vessel activity, work boat Megan M was towed south by her sister ship Laura M, dive charter Clasina dropped off an injured passenger, FRV Scotia called in to pick up scientists, tugs Kittiwake and Petrel laid over, tall ship Flying Dutchman dropped off a crew member,  MCA tug Ievoli Black called in for a crew change and research vessel Ondine Jule and seismic survey vessel Glomar Supporter both called in for equipment. Cruise ships Silver Dawn, Silver Endeavour, Star Legend, Vega,  Seven Seas Splendor, Viking Venus, Le Chaplain and Riviera (picture courtesy of S Gourlay) carrying a total of 4,646 passengers made scheduled calls in glorious sunshine.

Shore Street Project Update

The project area has progressed well and the main areas of pavement, roadway, cycleway and quayside have been re-surfaced with base coat tar. The top coat will be applied in a week’s time.  Work will be carried out overnight in order to reduce congestion and avoid the heat of the day. Paving, crossing points and the Scottish Water treatment infrastructure are all being progressed along with BT ducts and the Top Up Tap installation. The first batch of pontoons have been installed; the remainder will be on hold until the concrete breakwater arrives in approximately 10 days’ time. The Wee Pier hard standing has doubled in size in line and there are aspirations to support and grow the leisure sector locally. The end line is finally in sight.