Harbour News 23 April – 6 May 2019

29 arrivals for the period

Whitefish totalled 18,000 boxes from fourteen Scottish trawl landings, one Anglo long-liner and a single Anglo freezer netter.  The Rockall haddock fishery continues with a fleet of Scottish vessels fishing on the bank and landing full boats every 8-10 days. The fishery has been exceptional this spring with decent quality haddocks in abundance across the grounds although signs are that boats will be heading back east before too long. The Anglo fleet continues to fish further north with only the occasional fresh landing from vessels heading home for a break.

Shellfish was relativity quiet with four prawn trawl landings combined whit the efforts of the local fleet.

Non-fishing was limited to the fishfarm support vessels Sally Ann and Paul B day running, the dive vessel Halton offering dive charters, the pelagic trawler Altaire retuning form the scientific charter and Tallship Tecla in for a new group of passengers. Tecla is undertaking her second St Kilda voyage and will set off on her year-long adventure next Monday.