Harbour News 22 January to 7 February 2014



This week we just want to give a brief update on Ferry Infrastructure.  Progress has been hampered by weather – we’ve now suffered almost three weeks of storms with little respite on the immediate horizon.

This has impacted somewhat on the current – and crucial – phase of the works programme and it’s been necessary to extend the working day to complete the piling, dredging and rock bund formation.  Most people will by now have heard the sound of piles being hammered into place;  each one must  be driven to a depth of 11 metres below the sea bed.  The huge crane on the pier lifts each 24 metre sheet into the air and lowers it in place.  We are sorry for the disturbance and any inconvenience caused.

The caisson is starting to take shape in the dry-dock at Inchgreen on the Clyde.  We’ve put more photos on the harbour website where you can keep track of progress.

An array of fishing boats took shelter at the Harbour last week; the ferry schedule has been frequently disrupted due to gale force winds and the night freight vessel The Clipper Ranger is currently undergoing repairs in dry dock having collided with a pier at Stornoway Harbour.

Wylde Swan trips in August have now been finalised and full details including trip schedules, dates and prices are on the Calendar section of the Harbour website – www.ullapool-harbour.co.uk.   We’re having discussions with the High School and are in the initial stages of planning another trip for our local students.  This year, they’ll travel from Bergen – hopefully joining with students from Orkney and Stornoway for another vintage sail training experience.  The Harbour Calendar contributions really do make a difference – thank you to all who invested in one and remember to bring your camera when you’re out and about – we’re always on the look out for new images.

There was some disappointing news as it was announced that Ullapool missed out on a  Creative Place award, narrowly losing out to Helmsdale.   A number of people worked extremely hard on this over the past number of months, none more so than Joan Michael who invested huge time, energy and passion into the project. 

The Harbour was deeply saddened this week by the news that Ronnie Geddes (Shiner) passed away on Monday morning. A larger than life character and one of the most helpful individuals you could ever wish to meet; he will be sadly missed by all who knew him.