Harbour News 21 June–4 July 2022

39 arrivals for the period
Whitefish totalled 14,600 boxes from nine Scottish trawlers and ten Anglo longliners. The Scottish boats have had a long hard season fishing at Rockall and a few have returned home for refits, painting and maintenance. The Anglo fleet likewise has had a busy six months and a number of boats have headed south for a well-earned rest.
Shellfish activity has been little busier; there were seven prawn trawl landings, three scallop dredge landings which combined with the efforts of the local fleet.
Non-fishing was a mixed bag. There were four scheduled cruise ship visits and six fish farm support vessel arrivals for fuel, crew changes and layovers. The Greenpeace survey vessel Sea Beaver called for a layover and the Shetland-based pelagic trawler Altaire came in to collect scientists before embarking on a mackerel survey.

Shore Street Project Update
Pleased to report some positive progress with Transport Scotland on the contractual arrangements and VAT implications of the project. The concrete breakwater pontoons are progressing well; one unit has been completed (pictured) and the other two have been fabricated. The three 85-tonne pontoons will be joined together and towed to Ullapool from Ireland in the coming months and installed on arrival. The breakwaters will provide much needed shelter for the inner harbour pontoons by reducing the wave climate.

Kenny Mackenzie the Deputy Harbourmaster for almost 21 years retired on the 30th June. We’d like to thank Kenny for his years of service and wish him a long and happy retirement in the company of his much-loved family.