Harbour News 21 August–6 September 2019

19 arrivals for the period

Whitefish totalled 5,000 boxes from five Scottish trawl and one Anglo Spanish long-line landing. After a month on the east coast for refits and paintjobs the Scottish fleet are slowly returning west to continue targeting Rockall haddock and monkfish. Early indications are good with boats reporting quality haddocks across the grounds, with the usual mix of monkfish, cod, saithe and flatfish making up a valuable by-catch. The Anglo fleet have spent most of 2019 fishing north and landing into Shetland, with only a single landing into UL made up of mostly ling and hake.

Shellfish has once again been fairly quiet, with three landings from visiting prawn trawlers and two landings from a displaced offshore crabber, combined with the efforts of the local fleet. Following the complete destruction by fire of Scrabster Seafoods premises, the crabber North Star made two landings of brown crab much of which was destined for the Chinese market.

Non-fishing was dominated by four scheduled cruise ship day visits, plus fish-farm support vessel Inter Caledonia in for her regular crew change, and the MCA tug Ievoli Black hosting open ship for the very successful inaugural marine weekend. Congratulations and many thanks to Noel Hawkins and his loyal group of volunteer supporters for organising the marine festival and annual angling competition.

Tall-ship Wylde Swan returned to the village after completing a very successful seven day adventure voyage from Scrabster to Orkney, Fair Isle (picture), Shiants and Loch Ewe followed by a four day St Kilda trip. The ship will sail today 6th on her second St Kilda voyage before returning Monday 9th and heading home to Holland later that evening. Whilst the seven day trip was fully subscribed, the St Kilda voyages had a dozen vacancies on each which has prompted the owners to reconsider their options for the 2020 season.

For the first time the ferry terminal building hosted a wedding with the ceremony conducted by Rev’d Canon Nicholas Court. In advance of the big day the happy couple very kindly donated £500 towards the Minch Row for MS as payment for use of the space. Following the service the party attended a deck reception on Wylde Swan for coffee and wedding cake before heading to Applecross for dinner. The community owned building is primarily a passenger terminal, but is available outwith ferry arrivals for meetings, concerts, exhibitions, weddings, funerals and movies, contact info@ullapool-harbour.co.uk.