Harbour News 20th January – 2nd February 2016

13 arrivals for the period

Whitefish landings have been scarce due to the continuing stormy weather. Winds in excess of 70mph were recorded at the harbour last week as storm Gertrude blew over, this week we welcomed storm Henry. A total of 1800 boxes were landed from 1 Scottish trawler and 5 Anglo Spanish long liners. The Inverness registered Adventurer has been working west landing monkfish and haddock from the shelf edge. The Anglo vessels continue to land hake and ling from deepwater, with some vessels just returning from their festive break and others who have worked the past 80 days heading home for a well earned rest.

Shellfish landings have been very quiet with the offshore crabbers somehow managing to work on despite the gales and the local prawn trawler Headway snatching the odd day here and there.

Non-fishing was restricted to the fishfarm tug Helen Mary calling in for shelter over the weekend.

The new ferry has also succumbed to the storms with the Loch Seaforth missing 9 sailings in the past 14 days even spending a couple of nights alongside in Ullapool.

Ullapool Harbour Trustees Funding Opportunities Update

Ullapool Harbour Trust allocates up to 2% of gross profit to stakeholder initiatives annually. Historically funding applications were infrequent; and requests were usually granted, some in full, some part-funded. More recently the number of funding and assistance requests has increased to a level that requires a more structured application and award process. From 2015 the fund has been allocated on a quarterly basis with applicants submitting a written application for consideration by the Trustees. The application should contain the following information; a brief project outline, total cost, funding avenues explored and timeline. Applications will be assessed collectively at the end of each quarter and funds will be allocated accordingly. A summary of the quarter’s awards will be published in the Ullapool News.

The ethos of the award scheme is to fund local organisations and youth projects with an emphasis on community enhancement, next deadline 31st March.

October – December 2015 Successful Applicants

Applicant Project/Activity Amount
Ullapool High School Netball Kit £260
Ullapool High School School trip £210
Ullapool Golf Club Junior Golf Clubs £553.21
Billy Houldsworth Project Trust £250
Ullapool Primary School Outdoor Play Equipment £1500
Noel Hawkins SWT Educational Visit £500