Harbour News 11 – 24 April 2018

47 arrivals for the period

Whitefish totalled 23,500 boxes from sixteen Scottish trawlers and thirteen Anglo-Spanish liners/netters. Rockall continues to produce excellent catches of quality haddock and monkfish which are commanding top prices at Scottish markets.  The Anglo- fleet fishing for hake, ling and monkfish have started to head south to fish closer to home with some vessels taking time off for their annual refits.

Shellfish continues to be very quiet with four landings from visiting prawners, a single landing from a scallop dredger plus the efforts of the local fleet.

Non-fishing saw the three-masted schooner Blue Clipper make her maiden call prior to heading north to Iceland with a few local stowaways on-board, and the Dutch ketch Tecla returned for another summer of adventure sailing. For more information, see http://www.tecla-sailing.com/sailing-schedule-2018/. The cruise season is now well underway with Marco Polo and Astoria calling in with 1200 British passengers on round Britain cruises. Thankfully the weather was perfect for both calls with uninterrupted sunshine prompting the visitors to spend their time strolling round the village sampling the delights. Another beautiful photograph of the village with Marco Polo at anchor from Steven Gourlay.

The annual war games are on in the Minch with a multi-national fleet or warships jamming the GPS and burning tonnes of fuel as they chase each other round the islands supported by 4 civilian fast boats day running from the harbour.

The harbour played host to the British Ports Association fishing working group meeting last week with 24 representatives from around the UK coming to the village. The delegates were treated to excellent food, superb accommodation, perfect weather and even a creel boat trip round Isle Martin, many thanks to all concerned for their hospitality.

Harbour Projects continue apace with the Wee Jetty, Changing Place/Community Workshop and the Shellfish Store all progressing well.