Harbour News 1–26 September 2022

35 arrivals for the period.

Whitefish totalled 6,800 boxes from four Scottish trawl, three Anglo long-line and one Anglo freezer netter. The Scottish trawl effort is coming to an end for 2022 and only a couple of boats are now fishing west, landing haddocks and monkfish. Anglo vessels are limited to the occasional landing; long-line boats are targeting hake and ling and the freezer netter are landing monkfish and deep-water crab. A crewman on the freezer netter Brisan sustained a nasty head injury when the vessel was tying up at the pier. The casualty was taken by ambulance to hospital where thankfully he made a full recovery.

Shellfish activity was once again very poor as has been the case all summer.  There were ten prawn landings by visiting vessels which combined with the efforts of the resident fleet.

Non-fishing activity was fairly hectic with all manner of vessels using the facilities. The customs launch Seeker called in for a layover, FRV Scotia came in for gear before heading off on the annual Rockall haddock survey, MCA tug Ievoli Black called in for fuel and the bulk carrier Ceg Cosmos landed 1200 tonnes of road salt for Highland Council. Aqua culture accounted for six vessels calling in for crew changes, fuel, stores and layovers. Passenger craft and scheduled cruise ships accounted for a further six arrivals including the very welcome return of the Dutch tall ship Tecla. Tecla departed Ullapool in 2019 and successfully made her way through the Northwest Passage, down the west coast of the Americas to Antarctic before heading to Africa and finally home to the Netherlands a year later. COVID removed any possibility of sailing for a couple of years so the vessel received a complete rebuild; even the rusty old lower hull was replaced (See picture). Tecla returned to sea this summer and arrived in Ullapool from Iceland before refuelling, collecting guests and heading for the Canaries, Falklands and Antarctica. From there the vessel will go north and once again attempt the Northwest Passage but this time from west to east.  All being well she will arrive back in the Netherlands in October 2023. Amazing that a twenty-eight metre sailing boat built in 1915 with four crew can make such enormous and exciting voyages round the world!

Shore Street Project Update

Delighted to report the project is now well underway.  The diggers are working on the beach and the large crawler crane is now on site to assist with the sheet-piling of the new Shore Quay. Information boards are displayed on the harbour building’s east gable and on the railings above the wee pier. The contractor RJ Mcleod will issue regular newsletters and traffic plans as the project develops.  Any updates and information will be made available on the harbour website and social media platforms. The impact of the construction on daily village life will be kept to a minimum.  All parties are well aware of their responsibilities to deliver this transformational development with the minimum of disruption. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to get in touch –  info@ullapool-harbour.co.uk 01854 612724.