February 2014

The weather at the start of February has been extremely windy, causing lots of delays for the sheet-piling crew.  Everyone’s working around the clock to make sure the project timetable stays on track.

Work on the Caisson construction at Inchgreen dry Dock is moving on – it’s really starting to take shape.  We’ve added some more images here.


The new Passenger Access System requires 36m plies to be driven to support the 150t structure.  The pier deck has been cored to allow the piles to be lifted and hammered into place.  View image gallery.

Temporary Passenger Terminal

While the Ferry Terminal building is undergoing renovation including the addition of a second storey, the ticket office and waiting room will move to temporary buildings in the ferry car park on 4th April.  The foundations are being laid in the Ferry car park this week (17 February).


Works started at the weekend with the seabed in front of the Linkspan being deepened to -6m. The spud-leg barge is towed into position and the long reach digger excavates the gravel to the split-hopper barge.  In total, 500 cubic metres of gravel will be removed to allow the larger ferry to berth at any state of tide.   View image gallery.

Temporary Fenders

In order to protect the vessels and pier, additional fenders must be fitted to absorb the impact of the heavier ferry.  Prior to the installation of the new hugely expensive fenders in May, six temporary fenders are being fitted to the ferry berth.  These fenders have been fabricated by Lochshell Engineering in Caithness using recycled steel from the pier.  View image gallery.


New H-beam fender piles are being fitted to the inside of the ferry pier to replace the 42 year old timbers.  Click here to see new steel fender beams being vibrated into the sea bed.