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12th June (28 arrivals)

Harbour News Whitefish totalled 4600 boxes from 5 Anglo Spanish vessels. The Anglo fleet continue to target hake, ling and monkfish along the shelf edge; a large proportion of the Anglo fleet is currently tied up waiting for markets to improve. The Scottish whitefish fleet is working either in the North Sea or around the […]

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25th May (19 arrivals)

Harbour News Whitefish totalled 5400 boxes from 5 Scottish and 7 Anglo Spanish landings. The Scottish fleet continue to scratch out a living at Rockall whilst the Anglo Spanish vessels fish hake and ling along the shelf edge. With some quotas already under threat and prices falling, a number of the Anglo fleet have returned […]

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11th – 30th April (33 Arrivals)

Harbour News Whitefish totalled 5000 boxes from 2 Scottish trawlers and 7 Anglo Spanish liners. The Scottish fleet continue to hunt for the seasonal Rockall haddock unfortunately to no avail; early indications would suggest that the adult population is well down on previous years. Shellfish landings have been poor across all sectors with the offshore […]

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