31st October – 20th November (34 arrivals)

Harbour News

Whitefish totalled 5200 boxes from a variety of vessels. The Scottish pair team Boy John and Rose Bloom landed a full load of bonnie haddocks from local waters, normally these boats work the North Sea and northern isles but as ever quota restrictions necessitated a change of grounds. The twin rigger Adventurer put ashore a lorry load of quality groundfish from the shelf edge. The Anglo fleet made a welcome return with 7 landings of fresh line caught hake and ling and 1 landing of frozen net caught monkfish all from deepwater grounds to the west of Lewis.

The shellfish sector worked away with decent landings of crabs from the weekly boats whilst the local prawn fleet reported poorer returns for their efforts.

The non fishing sector saw the bulk carrier Borhoui in for a load of aggregate, the fishfarm support vessels Victoria Lady, Harvest Anne & Victoria Viking in for stores, crew and repairs respectively, and the Marine Scotland research vessel Scotia in for repairs.

Ullapool Harbour Trustees will once again be organising and sponsoring a variety of age groups for Tall Ship voyages onboard our very own Wylde Swan next summer. Further details of the voyages and placements on offer will be advertised in due course. The Wylde Swan is currently in Santa Cruz Tenerife and will set sail for the Caribbean on the 23rd spending the winter undertaking an educational sail training programme. Sara Johnson from Scoraig was placed on Wylde Swan in April 2012 as a harbour trainee for a trip to St Kilda. Sara loved the experience so much she stayed onboard for 3 months working and sailing her way around Europe. Wylde Swan management are very keen to maintain this close relationship with Ullapool and I’m sure there will be further opportunities for other like minded youngsters to spend some time working onboard in the future.

Congratulations to Arran and Scott on the birth on their new (still nameless) daughter, mother and child doing fine no word on how dad is coping yet? Arran is now off on a years maternity leave and her post has been filled by Edel Walsh. Originally from Tipperary, Edel moved to the area several years ago and comes with a wide range of managerial and marketing skills, a wicked sense of humour and the ability to Facebook!!