24th July – 6th August (25 arrivals)

Harbour News

Whitefish totalled 2100 boxes from 3 Scottish trawlers and 1 Anglo Spanish liner. The Scottish boats continue to fish for squid at Rockall with good hauls of decent quality fish being made. The majority of the Anglo Spanish fleet has gone home for annual holidays with only the Port of Ayr landing a decent shot of hake from the shelf edge.

The shellfish fleet continue to work well in great weather with all sectors reporting decent returns for their efforts. The displaced prawn fleet has returned east after 3 months fishing the Minches due to lack of prawns on their traditional North Sea grounds. Given the recent level of effort it may well be a different story next year with the local boats struggling to find a prawn after the heavy plundering of 2012. Impossible to understand the logic of the recent so called control measures being applied to fisheries, although one thing is plain to see the west coast fleets always seems to come off second best.

The non fishing sector saw 6 visits from the bulk carrier Burhoui picking up cargoes of aggregate from Ullapool Quarry and transporting them to Scrabster as part of the decommissioning of Dounreay nuclear power plant. Ullapool Quarry produces top quality high lime content aggregate which is much sought by the specialist construction industry. This diversification is seen as very welcome business for the harbour, hopefully other export opportunities will be forthcoming to the benefit of both the quarry and harbour whilst also easing traffic congestion and road miles.

The German owned cruise ship Astor is scheduled to visit Ullapool on Sunday 12th August for an afternoon visit 1230-1730. The 20,500t tonne vessel with 650 passengers and 300 crew onboard is on a round Britain itinerary arriving from Greenock and heading for Rosyth.

This Saturday 11th August the 2012 Ullapool Skiff Regatta will held from the shingle beach along West Shore St, here’s hoping for fine weather and good sport. (C’mon the Lass)

The ferry car park extension works are virtually complete with only minor details requiring attention. The additional space has already proved to be of great benefit at peak times and will play a big part in reducing congestion on Shore St during ferry arrivals. Ullapool Harbour Trustees would like to take this opportunity to thank all those affected by the works for their patience and understanding throughout the construction project.

The Wylde Swan is coming back to the village on the 26th September to carry out 2 voyages on the west coast. The first is a 5 day trip around Skye and the second a 3 day trip in the Minch. Further details can be found at http://www.wyldeswan.eu, to make a reservation email kathi@wyldeswan.eu or pick up a flyer from one of the local shops.