25 April 2023

All good on the project front with excellent progress across the works. Dredging to deepen the new inner harbour and approaches plus deepening of all fishing berths was completed in mid-April. The Caithness promenade slabs are being laid west to east and the same material is being fitted east to west as copes for the now fully constructed natural stone seawall. Tarring has started in earnest with a large section of Shore Street surfaced with the base coat which will ensure efficient traffic flow whilst the north pavement kerbs are installed. The north pavement works have been complicated by failings in the dilapidated sub-pavement sewage system, which will be repaired and replaced as required. The three interconnecting lanes between Argyle Street and the seafront have been cleared and resurfaced with new railings fitted to improve access.  The five remaining pontoon piles will be installed in the coming weeks and divers will attend to fit anodes to all the new steelwork. Pontoons and breakwaters will arrive in May which should herald the end of the inner harbour section of the works.