19th December – 14th January (25 arrivals)

Harbour news

Whitefish totalled 1840 boxes from 1 Scottish twin rigger and 3 Anglo Spanish liners. The Inverness registered Adventurer sailed on the 28th December and worked over Hogmanay landing a very good shot of groundfish on 7th January despite enduring some terrible weather. The Spanish liner Arrigorri made 2 good landings over the festive period and the Sylvanna made a pre Christmas landing, tied up and flew home for a fortnight’s break.

The shellfish sector struggled away in a period of very unsettled weather while the offshore crabbers reported good catches when weather permitted. Likewise the local fleet have enjoyed good returns for their efforts since the turn of the year.

The Southern Irish pelagic pair team Guiding Light and Ardent landed a lorry-load of mackerel from grounds west of the Butt of Lewis, both vessels lay in for a couple of days working on gear and waiting for engine parts.

Tall Ship news

Following on from last year’s successful visit of Ullapool’s very own Tall Ship Wylde Swan, the harbour has recruited 6 new trainees for a 10-day race from Denmark to Finland during the 2013 Tall Ship races in July. This takes the number of harbour-sponsored trainees to 104 since 2011 with ages ranging from 11-23 years. If you purchased a harbour calendar to support this wonderful cause – and to keep your life on track – thank you. The Wylde Swan has a busy summer planned and provisionally hopes to visit Ullapool for a fortnight in mid August to undertake more west coast adventure voyages, details of which will follow. Likewise the Statsraad Lehmkuhl is taking part in the full race experience this summer and hopes to visit us in mid September for another deck party.

High School Fund Raising Harbour Carwash 11am – 3pm

Saturday 26th January, 2nd, 16th & 23rd February

Get the salt and grim washed off your beloved Jalopy for the princely sum of only £3.00