Harbour News 3–16 March 2020

20 arrivals for the period

Whitefish totalled 7,400 boxes from eight Scottish trawl and two Anglo-Spanish long line landings. The Scottish fleet has started fishing for haddocks at Rockall with a number of boats landing decent catches for their time. Currently there are 10-15 larger Scottish boats fishing west as would be expected at this time of year. Scottish high value seafood is mainly for the European market and the combination of Brexit and Covid-19 has heavily impacted prices in recent days. Currently, vessels are considering tying up and saving their quota for when things return to normal. The Anglo fleet will also face difficult times as travel and export restrictions may prevent the practice of consigning fish to the continent.

The shellfish sector continues to lurch along with markets reducing and prices falling as legislation prevents the transport of goods around the EU.

Non-fishing activity was restricted to a visit from Ievoli Black for fuel.  Inter Caledonia called in for fuel and a crew change.  Eidholm visited for a layover and the survey vessel Delta carried out day-running to the Summer Isles.

Covid-19 For the moment the harbour remains open to serve our customers and ferry passengers on a daily basis. The lifeline ferry service to Stornoway provides all food, medicines and supplies to a population of over 20,000 people and guided by government advice the service will continue for the time being. The daily bus services continue to arrive and depart the pier as per the timetables and again subject to government recommendations these services will be maintained for now. Cruise shipping has been heavily impacted by the virus and it is anticipated that no ships will visit Ullapool for the foreseeable future.   There are really challenging times ahead for everyone.  It’s important to remain calm, look after each other and offer assistance to those that need it most.