Harbour News 23 July–5 August 2019

23 arrivals for the period

Whitefish totalled 5,500 boxes from five Scottish trawl and one Anglo-Spanish longline landing. The Scottish fleet has largely headed back east for summer refits after the best Rockall haddock and squid season for many years. The remaining boats are still catching well and hopefully the fleet will return in a couple of months to carry on where they left off. The Anglo fleet has had an unusual year; hake is being caught much further north and the boats are mainly landing into Lerwick.

The shellfish sector was quiet with only four landings from visiting prawn trawlers together with the usual efforts of the local fleet.

Yet again the non-fishing sector was busy with both cruise ships and fish-farm support vessels. Seabourn Quest and Viking Jupiter made scheduled day visits and Variety Voyager made two overnight calls – all encountered mixed weather. Scottish Seafarms’ Tanera-based landing craft Ossian made three visits for nets and equipment, tank ship Inter Caledonia called in for the monthly crew change, fish carrier Viking Junior tied up for the weekend, bulk salmon feed carrier Eidholm came in for fuel and specialist salmon treatment vessel Artic Sea Service was laid over for three days with mechanical issues. Artic Sea Service is equipped with a seawater delousing system which gently removes sea lice from salmon.  The lice are retained and the seawater is filtered before being returned to the sea.

The 2019 Ullapool Harbour-sponsored Tall Ship trainees set off on their adventure voyage at the weekend. Seven local senior pupils flew to Aarhus in Denmark to join Dutch schooner Wylde Swan for a two- week International Youth Exchange trip around Denmark. The team will disembark in Esbjerg on 18th August and the ship will head to Scrabster for the annual week-long Scottish Isles adventure before showing up in Ullapool on 29th.  The harbour has sponsored over 200 local youths on various Tall Ship voyages over the past nine years; funded primarily through the sale of the Harbour Calendar. We would like to express our thanks for your continued support.  Wylde Swan is still offering places on the Ullapool – St Kilda voyages –  please check out their website for details https://www.wyldeswan.com/ .