Harbour News 11 February–2 March 2020

18 arrivals for the period

Whitefish totalled 6,000 boxes from six Scottish trawl and one Anglo-Spanish long line landing. The Scottish boats continue to work along the shelf edge targeting monkfish and squid and skippers are reporting good returns for their efforts. The Scottish trawl fleet will head further west to Rockall later this month for the seasonal haddock fishery. The Anglo fleet is largely fishing further north and landing into Scrabster with only a single landing of hake and ling by longliner Ayr Dawn. 

The shellfish sector remains quiet largely due to the stormy weather. The scallop dredger Siarach came in for repairs, a couple of visiting prawn trawlers landed and the local fleet worked away as weather permitted.

Non-fishing was fairly busy.  Both Ievoli Black and Inter Caledonia called in for fuel and a crew change, the Irish pelagic super-trawler Voyager stayed over for shelter, Eidholm called in for a layover and Northern Lighthouse ship Pole Star anchored for 24 hours.

Harbour Car Wash A team of local youngsters is currently fund-raising for a trip to Holland in May to compete in the second International Skiff Regatta at Woudrichem. Assisted by their managers Tom Grant and Christine Crook, the team spent last Saturday washing all manner of vehicles in front of the ferry terminal. In all, more than ninety vehicles were scrubbed up by the team.  Well done to all of them and many thanks to the vehicle owners for supporting the youngsters in their fund- raising quest.