Harbour News 21 February – 13 March 2017

39 arrivals for the period   Whitefish totalled 6650 boxes from 3 Scottish and 7 Anglo Spanish landings. The Scottish twin rig trawler Adventurer continues to fish for monkfish and groundfish along the shelf edge reporting very good hauls of quality fish. The Peterhead based trawler Harvest Hope and the Orkney registered Aalskere have both Read More »

Harbour News 18 Jan–20 Feb 2017

24 arrivals for the period Whitefish totalled 2700 boxes from three Scottish and two Anglo-Spanish landings. The INS- registered Adventurer continues to fish for monkfish along the deepwater edge from St Kilda northwards, reporting unprecedented numbers of quality monks on the grounds. The Spanish fleet have been conspicuous by their absence this year with vessels Read More »

Harbour News 1–17 January 2017

11 arrivals for the period Whitefish totalled 2100 boxes from the Scottish trawler Adventurer and the Spanish liner Landora, both of whom made two good landings. The Adventurer tied up for Christmas and went back to sea on the 28th December once the weather had calmed down a bit. As was the case at the Read More »

Harbour News 7-19 December 2016

17 Arrivals for the period Whitefish totalled 1800 boxes from 5 landings, the Scottish trawler Adventurer made two landings of quality monkfish from grounds to the west of St Kilda before tying up for Christmas. Interestingly the Adventurer skipper reported unprecedented hauls of quality monkfish all along the shelf edge from St Kilda to North Read More »

Harbour News 26 Oct–8 November

14 arrivals for the period Whitefish totalled 1500 boxes from two Anglo Spanish and one Scottish landing. The Anglo- Spanish fleet are slowly returning to the northwest after a period of fishing further south. The Scottish trawler Adventurer continues to take advantage of the settled weather fishing 200 miles west of the Hebrides at Rockall Read More »

Harbour News 5–25 October 2016

 28 arrivals for the period Whitefish totalled 4300 boxes from six Anglo Spanish vessels plus three landings from the Scottish trawler Adventurer. The Anglo vessels are starting to return north after spending time at home undergoing refits and repairs. The Inverness-registered Adventurer usually works at Rockall fishing for haddocks and monkfish. More recently the boat Read More »

Harbour News 17 August – 6 September

36 arrivals for the period Whitefish landings have tailed off with the majority of the Anglo fleet either at home for holidays or working further south and landing into Ireland. Likewise, the Scottish trawl fleet has dwindled to one or two boats with the remainder undergoing their summer refits. A total of 3500 boxes were Read More »

Harbour News 3–16 August 2016

30 arrivals for the period Whitefish landings were once again fairly quiet with three Scottish trawlers and one Anglo Spanish liner landing 1600 boxes. The Scottish trawlers Adventurer and Keila continue to fish for haddocks at Rockall with reasonable success. In the last decade squid has been a large component of the Rockall summer fishery Read More »

Harbour News 11 July-2 August 2016

50 arrivals for the period Whitefish landings have tailed off as is the case every summer and a total of 4400 boxes were landed from two Scottish and ten Anglo-Spanish vessels. The Banff-registered pair trawler Audacious BF 83 made a welcome return to the harbour accompanied by his partner the Fraserburgh-registered Adorne FR 220 both Read More »

Harbour News 22nd June – 11th July

53 arrivals for the period  Whitefish landings have once again been steady with the Anglo Spanish sector fishing making up the bulk of the catch. The long line vessels continue to land good shots of hake and ling from deeper water west of Lewis. The monofilament netter Eder Sands landed a boat full of processed Read More »