Harbour News 25 October–13 November 2017

14 arrivals for the period   Whitefish totalled 700 boxes from a single Scottish twin rig trawler – the Inverness- registered Adventurer which continues to work at Rockall (pictured) despite occasional appalling weather. Shellfish landings consisted of the regular weekly offshore crabber Our Hazel and several visits from the recently purchased and Kinlochbervie-owned prawn trawler Olivia Read More »

Harbour News 1– 24 October 2017

26 arrivals for the period   Whitefish landing totalled 1600 boxes from one Scottish trawler and 2 Anglo Spanish liners, quiet times as the fleet continue to fish further north. Shellfish effort was mainly crab landings from the offshore creeler Our Hazel, plus a couple of prawn landings from local waters and the efforts of the Read More »

Harbour News 5-30 September 2017

24 arrivals for the period Whitefish landings totalled 1200 boxes from one Scottish trawler and one Spanish liner. As ever at this time of the year the whitefish sector is very quiet with both the Scottish and Anglo- Spanish vessels fishing and landing further to the north and east. Shellfish effort was steady with eight Read More »

Harbour News 28 June–17th July 2017

51 arrivals for the period   Whitefish was once again busy; 12,000 boxes were landed by six Scottish trawlers and eleven Anglo Spanish liners. The Scottish effort continues to concentrate on the Rockall haddock and squid fisheries both of which have exceeded expectations this year. The Anglo fleet are starting to drift away from Ullapool Read More »

Harbour News 13 – 27 June 2017

50 arrivals for the period Whitefish was reasonably busy; 8,400 boxes were landed by five Scottish trawlers and six Anglo-Spanish liners and netters. The Scottish effort concentrated on the dwindling seasonal Rockall squid fishery but was bolstered by the reappearance of haddock on the grounds. The Anglo fleet have had a fantastic spring and early Read More »

Harbour News 30 May – 12 June 2017

48 arrivals for the period   Whitefish was once again very busy with 15,000 boxes landed by Scottish and Anglo-Spanish vessels. The Peterhead-registered Atlantic Challenge, the largest trawler in the Scottish fleet, landed a variety of deepwater species from the Wyville Thomson Ridge. The ridge separates the Faroe–Shetland Channel to the north from the Rockall Read More »

Harbour News 3-19 May 2017

57 arrivals for the period Whitefish totalled 11,000 boxes from a variety of methods and areas. The Peterhead- registered trawler Ocean Endeavour continues to hunt for haddocks at Rockall with reasonable success and made two good landings for the period. The Inverness-registered trawler Adventurer spent his days fishing along the deepwater shelf edge for monkfish Read More »

Harbour News 18 April – 2 May

31 Arrivals for the Period   Whitefish has been extremely busy with 17,250 boxes landed for the period from 11 Scottish trawlers and 8 Anglo Spanish long liners and netters.  The seasonal Rockall haddock fishery has been extremely productive this year, with boats filling up in as little as 36 hours fishing. All good things Read More »

Harbour News 29 March-17 April

46 Arrivals for the Period Whitefish totalled 19,500 boxes from eleven Scottish trawlers; two landings from a Scottish seine netter and seven Anglo-Spanish long liners. The Scottish effort was predominantly focused on the seasonal Rockall haddock fishery with boats reporting plentiful good quality fish on the grounds. The Lerwick-registered Avrella, owned by Trevor Cumming of Read More »

Harbour News 14 – 28 March 2017

38 arrivals for the period Whitefish totalled 13,500 boxes from 9 Scottish and 9 Anglo Spanish landings. The Scottish trawlers Atlantic Challenge, Harvest Hope, Adventurer and Aalskere all landed full boat loads of haddock from Rockall. The Peterhead pair trawlers Ocean Harvest and Harvester (pictured) landed good shots of groundfish from waters to the west Read More »