Author: ullapool

Harbour News 8–28 October 2019

13 arrivals for the period Whitefish totalled 3,100 boxes from three Anglo-Spanish longline and two Scottish trawl landings. The majority of the Anglo fleet continues to fish either further north landing into Lerwick or further south landing into Killybegs, with only the occasional landing in Ullapool. The INS-registered twin rig trawler Adventurer continues to fish […]

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Harbour News 21 August–6 September 2019

19 arrivals for the period Whitefish totalled 5,000 boxes from five Scottish trawl and one Anglo Spanish long-line landing. After a month on the east coast for refits and paintjobs the Scottish fleet are slowly returning west to continue targeting Rockall haddock and monkfish. Early indications are good with boats reporting quality haddocks across the […]

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